Today’s world is telling, no yelling, at you to do more, do better and look together doing it.

But you’re just trying to survive these years with littles at home while you try to keep some sort of your identity intact and oh yea, self care?


Welcome.  This is the place where you learn to simplify, and cut out the distraction that keeps you “barely above water”.  This is the place where you sift through all the fluff and get down to what you need to thrive (not just survive).


Sometimes doing (and having) less leads to living more full.

Let me lead you on the path to a more full life, a life that’s intentional and just plain simplified.

Hey, I’m jen. Recovering overcommitted, scatter brained and exhausted mama. It was not that long ago that I was giving my 2 year old an ipad with dump trucks on youtube so I could get a shower in. I was driving through more than cooking in, chasing fad diets, running a full time business while trying to be a full time stay at home mom and living like I was just trying to keep my head above water. I used to have a 9 to 5, well actually it was a 6 to 6.

I taught elementary school and then one day decided to start a photography business. I saw crazy success in this business and found true joy in “calling the shots”. I managed to write a book, earn 6 figures and build a team of photographers all while raising babies! It wasn’t easy but I learned a lot about cutting out and simplifying in order to use my (nap) time wisely!

"I help mamas find simplification and organization in all the things!"

As business and kids grew, I cut out screens in our house, another simplification hack! I got strategic with our routines and rhythms in the home. For example only 1 day for laundry (that's right, I said it!), healthy meal prep and exercise daily.

As a mom I decided photography was a passion, and I loved it but what I really wanted to do was help you.

I help mamas find simplification in all the things, organize their life (inside and out) while keeping their identity (ie - work on what you’re passionate about no matter the stage you’re in!) From house chores, to meal prep, to healthy living, to photos, to routines and business.

Find simplification and find joy, find the life you have permission to live!