A Chance to Speak Out

Even though I’ve spent years of standing in front of people talking (albeit they were little people) as a teacher in the classroom I still found my voice shaking a little.

My very first photography course!


I looked out at the faces of these women that were trusting me and came because they believed a promise I have made and I still felt a wave of nervousness.  Once I got past my unplanned and terribly brief “intro” my nerves started to reside.


The day could not have gone better.  The experience was more than I could have dreamed and I loved every moment of it.  For the first time I got to stand in front of a group of women and teach them photography and business.  It was everything I had hoped for and more.

To me this marked the true beginning of my “new” business.  The first time I got out into the world and shared (in more than just a blog post or an email) what was going on inside my head.  The decade plus of experiences, mistakes, trials, discoveries and knowledge.


This workshop fanned a flame.  


But I want to go back for a second to the nervous part.  My voice was shaky and I talked too fast. I was trying to fit a lot of things into a super short time frame.  The thought even ran through my head (more than ONCE) that, “I have no right standing up here telling these women what to do”.


Taking the first step is not easy.


It helped that my mom sat in the back giving little nods and smiles as I spoke.  It was also helpful that the location was provided by a good friend that believed in me 100% and asked THE best questions that made me start to feel like I did know sometimes.  There was also calming in knowing that most of the attendees didn’t just come because they wanted to “support me” but because they knew I could teach them, they believed enough to actually pay for the day!

Photography 101 Course

This may sound corny but when you’re starting off you really just need a tiny little pebble.  That one rock will make a ripple and another and another and it will grow and grow. And I’m excited to tell you, friend, my first stone was dropped in!


No longer am I just a girl sitting behind her computer typing what I know and telling the “virtual” world my tips and secrets to photography, business and life.  I’m starting to live it.


I know there will be more moments when I get nervous, and moments I feel like a fake, this is human and no place I will stay for more than a fleeting second.  


Let me come along with you in your moments.  I want to be the one that smiles and sits in the back row nodding!  Starting something new is tough and takes true courage and YOU have that courage.  It really takes putting it out there. Trying once.


We can do this together.  Join my Insider Access and we’ll talk weekly about what you are up to, what I’m up to, how I can help YOU get to where you want to go.  



Just clicking that little button means you’re ready to make a difference.  This is your first little pebble. Ripples are coming. Movement and growth are starting to form.  But you won’t get there on your own. Isolated and by yourself. That is no place to be.


I’m stretching out my hand and asking you, “let me walk beside you, help you, encourage you”.  Grab my hand friend!


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