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Create that Bod You Dream Of with Cambridge Haden | The Unhurried Life Podcast

Don’t lose yourself in the ‘have to’s’. You’ve got to make that time for you, it’s so important.


Cambridge is one of those girls you see in the gym and you’re totally intimidated.  But the second you get the courage to say a meek, “hey” you’re pretty much best friends.


When I first found out Cambridge was a mama of 2 littles that are the same age as my first 2 I had to ask the question, “HOW?”


Let me be real for a sec, this lady looks amazing, she’s worked hard and has a story that leads her through an amazing journey.  Some of the biggest things she’s taught me are here!



waking up early and having quiet time is great, going and getting your nails done is fun but actually hittin’ the gym for an hour to use your body is going to be one of the best things you can do for yourself and those you care about.


Making it to the gym or finding time to do home workouts 5-6 times a week with little bitty kids is not something that just “happens”.  It takes planning. Once planned and on the calendar it starts to become something you can stick to. It’s a have to, like groceries!


THE 80/20 RULE

When making true change and getting that healthy body you have to remember that an hour in the gym is not all it takes.  Most of your time is spent outside the gym and that’s where most of the body change is going to happen. 80% of a healthy body is spent on nutrition and 20% is physical!


Every body (and everybody) is different and what we put into our bodies makes a difference.  Although Cambridge specializes in unique meal plans she came up with a simple starter meal plan sheet just for you!  


Make sure you grab it HERE!


Meal prep doesn’t need to be that hard and can actually be something that saves time, of course, when it’s planned.  But coming up with the plan is half the battle, that’s why I just LOVE that she gave us a place to start with her Simple Starter Meal Plan!



We all rest and get restoration in different ways.  Cambridge has found that a healthy body gives her rest.  Popping in those headphones is where she lives unhurried. 


I want to challenge you to get in a similar mindset!  Can you work in an hour (or 30 minutes) a day to rest while shaping your body at the gym?  I mean, free child care is always a perk but may not be the season you’re in. So try adding a work out to your morning routine if that’s what you need!  I love me some YouTube yoga!



Simple Starter Meal Plan


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