Nurturing Healthy Family Relationships

It’s important as parents that we see all of our kids. They do need our attention. Some are more vocal about it than others.

This month has been all about l-o-v-e. We’ve discussed our relationships with our spouse but I want to change course a bit and talk about family relationships. By family I mean our kids, parents, in-laws, etc.

Gillean Wade is a licensed marriage and family therapist who knows a thing or two about fostering healthy family relationships. She was able to chat with me for a bit on how we can make sure these relationships are well nurtured.


When a child has the ability to recognize what it is they are feeling that is known as something called emotional intelligence. It’s important for children to learn and have the language to express those feelings. When a child can tell you how they feel they are more likely to be able to tell you what they need. Are they hungry, thirsty, do they need quiet time, alone time, time outside, or mommy’s attention? By recognizing the emotion and responding to their need they continue to build emotional intelligence.

As parents, especially when our kids are young, it is important for us to help our kids recognize those feelings. This helps your child learn what they are feeling to be able to recognize it later. With Gillean’s help, I’ve put together a free guide to help build emotional intelligence in your kids. Grab it here!


It’s a good idea to check in with your children and see how they’re doing on an emotional level. Every child processes thoughts and emotions differently and at different times of the day. For example, your child may see something that he thought was scary in the morning but it didn’t seem to bother him until bedtime. Odds are that scary thing bothered him all day but he didn’t have time to process it or slow down enough to think about it until it was time to settle down to sleep. Only you know your child best so try to pick a time each day to discuss their day and how they feel that day.

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