Purposeful Parenting with Amy Carney

You’ve gotta be on your game. You don’t want to just be coming from behind and reacting.


These times are truly lived “in the trenches” and we’re all just trying to figure it out.

Have you ever found yourself throwing up your hands as a parent and just feeling like you need to give in. Are we doing aaaaannnny of this right, are our kids going to make it, will they be helpful citizens of society?

I know there have been times I flop down on the couch at bed time and wonder, where did the day go, what did I truly accomplish?

But then I talk to people like Amy Carney. She gives me a tiny light at the end of this parenting tunnel. She’s been there, she’s made it out and she’s one of the most kindest women to guide you through.

I’m thrilled to get to share her and her approach to purposeful parenting! I know I needed a pep talk!



Morning Routine Guide   |   Parent on Purpose by Amy Carney

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